Project name : Beware The Cube
Platform : PC

Store : GameJolt /

Genre : Puzzle / Die and Retry

Controls : Keyboard / 360 Controller
Engine : Unity 5

My Role

- Programming and development of the entire project

- Level Building

- Level Design

- Communication

Beware The Cube​

BEWARE THE CUBE is a Puzzle/Die and retry game on PC. The player controls a magical cube driven by an unknown power which has the ability to change the gravity. The cube mysteriously finds himself into huge cubes composed of labyrinths and traps. He will have to overcome obstacle of each face to get off this dimension.

Escape the labyrinth by changing the gravity to climb on walls. But beware the cube(s), spikes, lasers and other traps on your way, any contact is fatal. Make your way out won't be easy so stay sharp and show your skill to beat the labyrinth.


Arthur Brosson - Project Manager / Level Designer

Max Brun - Lead Programmer / Level Designer / Level builder 

Jeremy Duwa - Level Designer

Christophe Delarieu (Teacher - bellecour ecole) - 3D Artist

max brun dev

beta available here:

Videos by the community!

  • max brun dev
  • max brun dev
  • max brun dev
  • max brun dev
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