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We developed this game during Japan Touch Haru 2015. This event is a showcase of Japan culture, manga and geek.

It’s composed of stands, with japan products, books, youtubers and about new technologies and some video games too. This event is 2 day long.



We had 16 hours to create a game with the following theme: Tel est pris qui croyait prendre / to get a taste of one’s own medicine. We didn’t have enough time, so we decided to project our situation in the game. Because we were working 16 hours in a row, we thought it would be fun to have a game in a test laboratory with a minimalist artistic direction.



We created a coop game in side-scrolling. Each player must help his comrade to finish the whole level. If one of them dies, it’s game over. They can call each other for help to jump higher and higher.

Bellecour Ecole article! 

Project name : beta lab
Platform : pc

control: 360 Controller
Genre : 2.5D Platformer coop
Engine : Unity 5

  • max brun dev
  • max brun dev
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